Welcome. I’m honoured you’re here.

I’m Kate and I’m here to hold sacred space for you to heal through a deepening of your practice and
connection to your divine feminine power through Yoga, Sound & Womb Wisdom.

As a women’s health practitioner, I weave yoga therapy, remedial massage, womb yoga, ritual, sacred
sound healing and meditation. Paving the New Way for women to live a truly aligned life full of ease,
connection & alignment.

I support women to connect to their inner divine guidance system and to
trust in the ability to heal and thrive.

I believe that we rise and evolve through collaboration and energetic consciousness.
I adore holding healing and awareness space for women to hear their womb wisdom and be
fully embodied in their own power.

This is a sacred space for expansion and connection.

It’s a lot like me.

Soulful yet wild.

A place to call home. ​

With gratitude, Kate

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